Welcome to the magick... 

The Skin Addiction Apothecary will take your skin back to a place where your skin responds, the senses come alive, and you suddenly feel your skin has come back to life with a glow you haven't seen since your childhood.

The Skin Addiction Apothecary was created out of my love and passion for great skin. I wanted to use a product line on my clients in my esthetic practice that was "clean" and natural, but I wasn't satisfied by what I saw on the market.  I decided I needed to know about plant medicine, how it worked, why the skin responds so beautifully to the magick of plants and how could I capture this magick in a jar.  

I enrolled in the California School of Herbal Studies in Northern California and became a herbalist.  After graduating,  I created the apothecary line that is not only environmentally friendly, organic and cruelty free, but so pure and magickal,  you could actually eat it.

Each product in the apothecary line has been carefully researched, developed, and tested (on humans of course!) to bring you the very best in organic herbal skincare.

  So whether you visit me at my Skin Addiction skin care studio or purchase the Apothecary line here,  you will be able to see the love and magick that goes into each and every product in the line.  Your skin will feel this too, and come alive again with that youthful childhood glow....