The Joy of Mom

It occurred to me the other day, that my mom never knew me as an esthetician or owner of the Skin Addiction skin care studio. She always knew my love for skincare and makeup as she had seen me go thru the ranks as a department store cosmetic girl in the 80’s and as a makeup artist in the 90’s. However, by the 2000’s Alzheimer’s had set in so sadly, we never got to chat about me becoming an esthetician and opening my own skin care studio. Mom passed away in 2003, and it wasn’t until 2005 that Skin Addiction had come to fruition.

I know she would have been my #1 fan and definitely the BEST person to practice my treatments on.  I remember as a girl watching mom with her beauty treatments. She would use Pond’s cold cream to take off her makeup and clean her skin.  She would then apply a good layer of Nivea Creme to help her dry English skin.  As a teenager, I used to love our “spa treatments” as she would let me use her Nair hair remover for my upper lip, and then we wouldboth apply this clear mask that when dry would pull off any peach fuzz you had on your face!  Who knew back then my mom was such an esthetician herself!  When Alzheimer’s had set in, she would love to receive my make shift spa days I would give to her.  I would soak her feet in the bubble foot spa while giving her a hand and arm massage.  After her feet had a good soak, I would then give her a foot massage and follow it up with a mini pedicure.  Who knew back then that she was actually my first ever volunteer for me to practice my massage techniques on!

I would give anything to have her here today to be able to give her a proper spa day, and to tell her what an amazing Mother she had been to me and how much I absolutely loved and adored her.  I know her favorite spa treatment would have been the signature facial.  She would have loved the custom blended herbal mask, and of course that now infamous hand and foot massage!  She would have certainly blissed out to the face, neck and shoulder massage too!  She just would have loved everything about it, from the comfy spa bed, right down to the warm lavender infused towels for the face! It would have been and honor and my privilege to have been able to do this for her.

My mom always said to me, “What ever you decide to do in life, make sure you are happy doing it.”  I hope she knows how much I love being an esthetician and that she still inspires me to this day to be the best that I can be.  Thank you Mom for being the best mom I could have ever asked for, and for all you did for me growing up.  I will always love and cherish the memories I have of you.

Happy Mother’s Day

Can We get Serious About Our Skin Care?

Can We Get Serious About Our Skin Care?

21 months ago the way I looked at skin care changed, because after 29 years in the cosmetic industry, my skin has never looked this good before. Some of you may know I had acne as a teenager, that has also plagued me into my adult life.  I have been one to always have had, some form of activity happening on my skin, even in the best of times.  I had come to the realization, that was the best my skin could be.  I have in the past used everything: Clearasil, Clean & Clear, Noxema (these were in my teenage years), then when I started working in cosmetics I used Estee Lauder, Erno Laszlo, Ulitima II, Bobby Brown, then when I became an esthetician I used: Dermalogica, Murad, Jan Marini, Lira,  I even used Skinceuticals for a short time too.  Even tho, my skin improved to what I thought was the best it could be, I still wasn't satisfied.  Then I decided to make my own skincare. 

I went back to school in 2015 to learn everything I could about plants and how they work with our bodies.  Low and behold the secret to changing my skin wasn't about new inventions in the skin care industry, but instead something that has been on this planet as long as we have. Plants. Our skin knows how to work with plants. Simply Amazing!

   From there, the Skin Addiction Apothecary was born, and it has been changing the lives and the skin of my clients for the better ever since!  Plants are serious skincare medicine!