The Skin: Lack of water & oil. Pores are small and rarely breaks out. Surface is dry with visible dryness. May have sensitivity with redness, inflammation, itchy or prickly feeling. May have premature lines and wrinkles.

The Person : Tends to like a heavier feel to their moisturizer. Sometimes feels like nothing is hydrating enough. Doesn’t exfoliate much due to irritations caused by exfoliants. Feels like their skin is brittle and flaky dry. Prefers cream cleansers and emollient creams. However can be sensitive to over the counter products because of “slip and glide” ingredients that can be irritating to the skin. May become red and itchy due to perfume (listed as “fragrance”) in products.

Why is this happening? Because the skin lacks both water and oil, skin becomes sensitive to touch and weather changes. Heat can also dry out the skin even more. Because of the dryness, dead skin cells build up to create a dull ashy look to the surface of the skin, and in turn makes moisturizers sit on surface and have a hard time to absorb into skin.

How to fix: Dry skin needs water and oil. So to hydration on the inside with drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day and try to get in some healthy fats into the skin ( avocado, nuts, olive oil) will help the insides. Try and monitor alcohol and caffeine as both can dehydrate the skin. Spicy foods tend to make sensitive skins more irritated. Speak to your doctor on how to bring in more healthy fats into your diet as well as ask what medicines may be making your skin drier and ask them for advice. On the outside choose a hydrating cleanser and use a gentle light exfoliate that will help slough off dry skin cell build up. Look for creams and serums that are perfume free and are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that will help hydrate and bring skin back to life.

What Apothecary products can help: #Wash. The organic honey in the wash will act as a humectant and draw moisture to the skin while cleansing. The nettle, rose and marshmallow root will gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it healed, hydrated and refreshed.

Lavender Hydrosol. Hydrating and soothing, the hydrosol helps to bind moisture to the skin while the healing properties of the lavender will soothe and calm redness and irritations.

Magik Serum. Rich in antioxidants and anti - inflammatory goodness. Essential fatty acids of Avocado, evening primrose, pomegranate, and olive oil help to repair and help with the dryness.

Calm moisturizer. The jojoba oil in Calm mimics the skins own natural oils to help heal and hydrate the skin. St John’s Wort, Calendula, Echinacea, and Rosehips help to heal, repair and calm the skin. Skin feels cushioned and redness and irritations disappear.