Men’s Skin

Men’s skin still falls under the three categories (oily/Acne, Normal, Dry/Sensitive) and any of the products listed under those categories will work terrific. There are some additional factors for men’s skin to consider, however, when choosing the correct skin care.


Skin: Texture of man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s skin, because of this they may have less anti-aging concerns. Blackheads on the nose from larger pores are more pronounced because of skin thickness as well. The skin may become sensitive due to shaving from the friction of the razor and may develop redness, razor bumps, ingrown hairs or razor burn. Teenagers may also be more oily with breakouts. However, once the beard begins to grow the less the breakouts as the hair follicle helps to push out the oil and bacteria out of the hair shaft. Once the full beard has grown in, breakouts and oil production tends to lesson.

How to fix: Follow the suggestions on the appropriate skin type page that corresponds with your skin. Also make sure when shaving to prep the skin before shaving by using a gentle exfoliant, this will help to lift up any ingrown hairs and help with a closer shave. After shaving a serum rather than a fragranced alcohol after shave is best to relieve any irritations from shaving and will help to calm and hydrate the skin as well. Keep any and all fragrance off of the face. Synthetic fragrances made with alcohol not only dehydrate the skin but also may contribute to redness and irritation (even breakouts) of the skin. Look to using essential oil blends that will be hydrating and calming for the skin. Always finish with a sunscreen after shaving as skin will be exfoliated and sensitive to the sun’s uva & uvb rays.

Products in the Apothecary to help: #wash bar soap is great for a man’s skin. Cleanses, exfoliates and preps the skin for shaving.

Lavender Hydrosol or Shave Relief helps to hydrate and calm the skin after shaving. Shave Relief is made from a blend of essential oils & the lavender hydrosol for more calming and soothing for a more sensitive skin.

Magik Serum. The perfect after shaving serum. Neem oil helps to reduce breakouts, while the Tamanu oil helps to soothe and calm redness. Evening primrose, avocado and pomegranate oil delivers essential fatty acids to the skin to help hydrate and help with anti-oxidant protection

Joy Moisturizer (for night time) Helps to bring more hydration to the skin at night and helps to heal and repair the skin (lavender, calendula and nettle)from the stressors of the day. Skin will be more hydrated and balanced.